About Us

About Us

About Us

Lower Neuse Personal Defense and Safety Academy, LLC  (LNPDSA) was established to offer residents in New Bern, Craven county, contiguous counties (Beaufort, Jones, Lenoir, Pamlico, and Pitt), and other North Carolina residents strategies for personal defense.

We offer several instructional categories.  We conduct seminars to inform participants on avoidance practices that help them from becoming victims in the first place. We specialize in handgun courses ranging from those for the rank beginner (someone who has never handled a handgun) interested in learning how to shoot for the first time, to courses that aid concealed carry permit holders in building and improving their defensive skills.

All classes are taught by NRA certified instructors. The founder, owner and senior instructor is a retired U. S. Marine Corps Master Sergeant, who holds NRA Pistol instructor, Range Safety Officer, and “Refuse To Be A Victim”® certifications. He served as a pistol instructor in the Marine Corps, as well as Range Safety Officer, and worked alongside community law enforcement firearm instructors. He is also certified by the NC Criminal Justice Training and Standards Division as a Concealed Carry Handgun Training Instructor.

Avoiding Victimization Through Situational Awareness

“Refuse To Be A Victim”® seminars show attendees how to develop personal safety strategies, such as mental preparedness, home, automotive, and travel security practices. RTBAV seminars present tips and techniques you need to be alert to dangerous situations, and to avoid becoming a victim.

Handgun Training Classes

Safety: Safety is our paramount concern. It is therefore the first, and continuing, emphasis in every class.

Basic handgun training: LNPDSA offers basic handgun training in both non-shooting (simulator) and shooting environments. See our Handgun Training link for more information, and how to enroll.

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Training: Participants who successfully complete this class receive the NC Concealed Carry Handgun Training Course Certificate of Completion required to apply for a concealed carry permit in North Carolina. See our NC Concealed Carry Classes link for detailed information, and how to enroll.

Personal defense and situational awareness with a handgun training (Defensive Pistol): Recognizing that a concealed carry permit is merely an entry level accomplishment, these courses introduce participants to personal defense strategies that include situational awareness (avoidance, flight, or fight), defensive handgun techniques, and interaction with law enforcement after an incident. See our Handgun Training link for more information, and how to enroll.


Lower Neuse Personal Defense and Safety Academy, LLC
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